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Mia D – Out of Office

Mia D is taking 4 hours off on Monday (7/22/2019).

Team Tuesdays

Every Tuesday, there is an expectation that everyone in the company sits down to have lunch together. Whether you bring your lunch in, or go buy it at the...

Friday Stand-Up

Our weekly team check-in. Everyone takes three minutes to outline what they did this week, what they're planning to do next week, and any roadblocks that...

Kat S – Out of Office

Kat S is taking 8 hours off on Monday (7/29/2019).

Payroll Deadline (Jul 16 - Jul 31)

You can run your payroll today by visiting: https://manage.gusto.com/payrolls/new

Eric S's 10 Year Anniversary

Show Eric your appreciation and congratulate them on their 10th anniversary!

Byron W – Out of Office

Byron W is taking 0 hours off on Friday (8/2/2019).

Byron W – Out of Office

Byron W is taking 8 hours off on Friday (8/2/2019).